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Re: heading: You can't.

A long-standing tradition of Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki, is to deploy various April Fools pranks on April 1. This year's main theme was the introduction of Wookieepedia Pro, a pay-to-read subscription service. Sadly, it was overshadowed by another prank. Some users decided to feature the breast on the Main Page, along with a made-up quote on breasts. The featured version of the breast article was not the legitimate version. As the ultimate Star Wars resource on the internet, we attempt to document every aspect of the Galaxy far, far away. Our notability policy is not so extensive and the existence of certain subjects on the wiki is ultimately decided on a case-by-case basis. While the featured version of the breast article was obscene and immature (I don't think anyone is denying that), the "legitimate" version is written in a mature and encyclopedic tone.

The breast article has existed since 2007, and has since been refined to be as encyclopedic as possible. Recently (as in within the past 5 years), an official and licensed Star Wars product, Star Wars Visions, was published. The product included an artistic image of a sleeping Aayla Secura revealing a breast. I don't think anyone can possibly argue the image in question is offensive or obscene. It is actually based on this award-winning painting. Again, the article existed before this image was conceived. The article exists to document Star Wars, not as a placeholder for an image of a naked breast. The Wookieepedia community has overwhelmingly voted to keep the image and the article.

Understandably, there was somewhat of an outrage in social media as a result of the featuring of the obscene article and the sensitive image. While I understand the controversy, the reaction was completely blown out of proportion. It was making Olympus Mons out a molehill. Even after issuing an official apology, the storm didn't seem to die down. Instead, our apology was shot down as "blaming the persons who got offended", which was definitely not our intention. As one of the persons who participated in writing the apology, we are sincerely sorry for the obscene joke. If an apology isn't enough, I don't know how we can convince the Star Wars fan community that we are sorry.

Not only did parts of the Twitter community attack our "joke" and apology, but some people also resorted to attacking Wookieepedia as a whole. Former users, including an ex-admin, even resorted to plain lies to attack the wiki. Ridiculous claims such as "there is a cabal" and "basically there has been a takeover of the site by a group of sexist dudebros, going on for years now" were propagated across the internet by a former admin. I'm going to be quite frank here: This is ridiculously petty. Wookieepedia made a mistake and apologized. Can't we just move on? We've said several times this won't happen again. But some people insist on continuing the witchhunt.

Not only was the Twitter uproar enough, but certain people also hinted at getting the Wookieepedia links removed from the official Star Wars site. This makes me sad. Wookieepedia has existed for nine years, becoming the largest Star Wars encyclopedia on the web, encompassing almost 110,000 articles as of writing. Yes, we made a mistake. And we apologized. And we reassured people that this wouldn't happen again. Mistakes do happen. Wookieepedia is a big part of Star Wars fandom, and hating on the wiki as a whole because of a mistake is really outrageous. It's time to move on, folks. We're just humans.