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A Rant with a capital R

I've been using Linux — specifically Kubuntu 12.10 — for a couple of months now. Of course the learning curve from Windows is rather steep, but I've managed, and after some initial struggles, everything's worked brilliantly. No kernel panics or anything. Anyway, that's not what I'm going to talk about.

Today I got the inspiration to play one of the best games ever made, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Having lost my PC disk, I opted to purchase it from Steam. Seeing as it was unavailable on Steam for Linux, I decided to do something I hadn't done in a few months: Boot into the Windows 7 partition.

So I restarted my computer and chose the Windows 7 loader in the GRUB menu. To my surprise, there were no available updates. However, the loading screen before logging in took quite a while — way longer than in Kubuntu. So did the post-login screen, for that matter. Anyway, before dual-booting Kubuntu, I went with a fresh Windows 7 install to clean out the computer. I only installed the very basic things in the Windows partition, such as Firefox, AVG, and CCleaner. First thing I did after the system finally became responsive was to open Firefox and, as a habit, enable private browsing. I then navigated to Steam's website and downloaded the client.

At this point, Firefox had frozen for a few seconds for a few times already. My frustration was growing. After the Steam client finished downloading, I double-clicked the entry in Firefox's "Downloads" window. Nothing happened. I clicked again. And again. A minute or so later, three Steam installers appear on my screen. After clicking myself through the numerous "I accept the Tou" and whatnot windows, I managed to install the Steam client. I managed to log in, too, and navigated to "Store" to find GTA:SA. However, the store thought there was no internet connection, but there clearly was, considering I was connected to IRC simultaneously. I restarted the client. Nope, nothing. I tried the fullscreen mode. My computer froze. Trying a habitual "alt+f2 killall steam", I was growing frustrated with the constant lagginess of the OS. Anyway, a few tries later, I finally got the connection working and found the game I was looking for.

Figuring PayPal was the easiest method to handle the purchase, I chose it. For whatever reason, it didn't accept my password. Yeah, I have no idea why it didn't work. A few unsuccessful attempts later, I decided to just use a direct VISA payment. This worked well. With the game now listed in my game library, I pressed Install. A wild error dialogue appeared. The hell? Did I just pay 10 euros in vain? Clicking Install again, this time it worked. My connection isn't the best (10Mbps) so the download and installation was due to take quite a time. Expecting at least an hour of downloading, I was without an occupation.

I decided to write this rant. However, my server is secured in a way that doesn't allow password logins over SSH, so I needed to generate an SSH key somehow and provide it to my co-admin. Downloading a utility called PuTTYgen, I tried to generate a public SSH key. However, I didn't find any way to copy it over to my server. Notepad didn't like the file either. So yeah, I was stuck. I figured that since I don't have anything else to do, I might as well set up a VM with Linux. I opted to use VMPlayer and a Lubuntu build. All the bandwidth used by Steam, VMplayer and the .iso were downloading at the incredible speed of 30-100Kbps. Lovely, isn't it?

Realizing these downloads wouldn't finish anytime soon, I figured I might as well use my free trial month in Netflix. The Netflix player requires an addon named Silverlight, but it was apparently pre-installed or something, so I seemed clear to go. Clicking "play", nothing happened, other than Firefox freezing. Shitshitshit. After a few dozen ugly words, the browser became responsive again. Apparently Silverlight had crashed. How goddamn surprising. I reloaded the page, and now it complained about it not being able to do stuff when in private browsing mode. Ok, I thought, I'll disable that. Thank god Firefox prompted me with a popup window: "One download [the .iso] will be interrupted if you close private browsing mode". How on earth is downloading even related to private mode? On Linux I'd just have used wget for the .iso. Meh.

Seeing as I run a Minecraft server, I thought I'd spend some time playing. I downloaded the launcher. Now it complained about a lack of Java. Ok, I installed Java. I realized I want some mods for a better gameplay. Windows doesn't ship with any archive manager (required to open minecraft.jar). Thankfully I had a decent modded .jar on my server, so I just downloaded it and replaced the stock minecraft.jar file. Typing my server's IP in the connect box, a popup window appeared. "Windows Firewall has prevented this program from accessing the Internet." Clicking "Yes", the popup froze. For fuck's sake. How is this even possible? Anyway, it eventually unfroze and Minecraft launched properly. At this point, the game download was at 86%. I was already getting ready for some awesome GTA:SA. And that is when it happened.

You can probably guess it. That's right, the mythical Blue Screen of Death. This was literally the first time this had happened during my time with Windows 7. Thankfully I was able to restrain myself from smashing the laptop monitor outright. I was furious. How the fuck could this happen?

Rebooting the computer, I just decided that fuck Windows, I'm going back to Linux. And that's where I am right now, happily.

tl;dr: Windows is a piece of shit and needs to die. ASAP