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Contact information

There are several ways to contact me, some faster and more confidential than others. The methods are listed below:


Please feel free to send me an email at xd1358 [at] wookieepedia.com. Emails go both to my phone and computer, so email is one of the fastest and most confidential ways to contact me.


As a seniored IRC regular, this medium is my natural habitat. I mainly reside on the freenode IRC network, where you can find me under the nick ecks. My nick is more or less online around the clock, so I might not always be at my computer. However, IRC is the quickest way to have a real-time conversation with me.

Other venues

I can also be found in other parts of the internet, including Twitter, where my handle is @Xd1358. On Skype my username is xd1358; feel free to add me. If you are a Wikian, you can use my Central talk page.

I can also be found on many other sites etc., but please contact me using one of the above methods to verify that they are in fact me and not an impersonator.